Hey there, I’m Mark Buchanan. I’m a designer & content creator working and living in Brisbane northside.


For well over 25 years in publishing, photography, video, 3D modelling, web design, graphic design & marketing. I’d love to get involved in promoting your business, property or vehicle. By combining all my skills I can pretty well create anything required.

With a passion for CLassic and Sports cars. In 2002 I created and published Australia’s first quality club level Australian Classic and Sports magazine. Many opposition Australian Classic Car publications followed my photographic style, layout and content ideas. A compliment to my work.

My own publication “Leaded Magazine” has had to change with the times of subscription and distribution, however I am proud to say it is still in production and can be found via my online store.


Nothing beats a classic. My Mercedes-Benz 280e (114)

- mark buchanan


Companies, small businesses and clients I have worked for over the years include: Nature’s Own, Your Local Wedding Guide, Australian Performance Horse, Daydream Island Resort and Spa, Fire and Safety Industries, Postcode Property, Ray White, Worldsaway Retreat, T3 Partners, Cabins at the View, Number 33 B&B, RACQ. Additionionally I enjoy varying roles in car clubs as designer, photographer and editor of Mercedes-Benz Club of Queensland Super Star Magazine, Alfa Romeo Club of Queensland on-line magazine “Per Sempre Alfa” and have enjoyed working on comemorative magazines for Rolls Royce and Bentley.


I hope you enjoy my work!


Barry Green

As a major editorial contributor to Leaded, I have known Mark Buchanan professionally since he started what was Queensland’s very own classic car magazine in the early-2000s. Mark lives and breathes his passion for classic cars, combining talent behind the lens with a flair for design and savvy business sense.

Barry Green, author and motoring editor.


Peter Mathews

I engaged the services of Mark Buchanan to assist me with marketing and promoting the sale of my 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce.  Mark spent a day for a photo shoot in the Dayboro region, and the Ascot Brisbane region and fixed video cameras to the car to take video footage of my Spider driving up Mount Mee and at Sutherland Avenue Ascot.  This included sound recording of all the wonderful engine and exhaust noises that emanate from Alfa Romeos.

Mark then interviewed me at my home regarding my life story with Alfa Romeos and then edited all the footage to produce a 6 minute video clip plus outstanding photos which he placed on his fabulous website, Marque Photography, to promote the car.

I listed the car for sale on Uniquecarsales and Mark’s wonderful photos and video assisted me to sell the car for a record Australian price for a Kamm Tail Spider to a Victorian Collector on the same day it was advertised.  The buyer is delighted with his purchase.

Mark was extremely professional, patient, and easy to deal with, and we have both joined our individual skill sets and passion for classic cars to market, promote and position a small number of high end classic cars on the national and international market.

I highly recommend Mark’s work - he is a delight to work with and a true professional in his field.

Peter Mathews
28 February 2017

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