Capturing your Classic

Looking to sell or showcase your vehicle?
Marque Photography provides the tools to capture your Classic, Sports or Prestige car.  

As a fellow automotive enthusiast, I like to explore and capture features of your vehicle that most commercial photographers simply do not see. As the creator and owner of Australia's Sports and Classic Car magazine "Leaded" (as in the old fuel), I have experience in shooting all kinds of classic and sports vehicles in sometimes interesting and challenging conditions.  I use a mix of drones, in car camera's, steady cams, video cameras and traditional SLR's. Enquire today about a package to suit.  I have packages that can be tailored for:

Special Gifts
Large Prints, Canvases, Videos, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Albums, Phone cases and much more...

Selling Your Car
Use Photo Galleries, Promotional Video and/or Landing Page with 3rd party sites such as

Car Collectors
Capture your collection or car for historical records, Display Plinths, Posters or Albums



A photo session is conducted at an agreed location to suit the style or beauty of the vehicle.

Photos are taken showing engine bay, boot, interior, exterior and any additional features the client may wish to showcase.

Post production work is conducted to remove any imperfections from the day which may include environment issues ie: weather, power lines or sign posts and the taking care of dust or dirt that may appear on the car during the day.

Additional historic photos are also welcome and may be re-touched as required. A professional model can be arranged at additional cost.

Video & Sound

On the same day of the photo shoot, video is also taken. Video footage is taken via mounted camera's, external camera's as well as drone footage weather and location permitting.

Additionally I convert existing historical video when required, and conduct a short interview with the owner if desired. Professional voice over is also supplied from an agreed script, which may include vehicle history or statistics.

This is then all collated and professionally edited with a suitable background track and output to a HD movie file.

Watch the Marque Photography Demo Video

Marketing Tools

As part of the service Marque Photography create a single desktop, tablet and phone optimised web page, with a text introduction to the car, a photo gallery, a Youtube embedded video and of course your contact details in relation to selling the vehicle.

The vehicle feature page is also optimised for Google search. Further marketing via Adwords campaigns or traditional media streams can also be implemented at additional cost.

The media is not limited to Marque Photography and can be used on your own website or in conjunction with the larger car sales networks such as carsales, carsguide, justauto, uniquecarsales, classiccarsarena etc...

In summary you are supplied with:

  • A set of high resolution photographs
  • A 2-5min HD video with audio and voice over
  • A vehicle landing page